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Dream Aria

DREAM ARIA presents a style all its own with fresh, fiery and haunting music. The music includes elements of Rock, Techno,
Classical, Progressive,  New Age, Goth, and World music. With the raw and powerful vocals and guitar, lush keyboards, driving rhythms and inspired lyrics there's something for every music lover to enjoy in DREAM ARIA. Read the new review of Dream Aria and watch the official "Fallen Angel" video & more.

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  Dream Aria CD release party at the Reposado

Dream Aria band review by Emidio "Rocker" Vaz
Don Stagg, Ann 'Aria' Burstyn, Garry Flint
Dream Aria is Toronto based band that was formed in 2004 by Don Stagg and Garry Flint. At the beginning it was suppose to be more of a classical project, until the drums were brought in and that changed the whole direction and brought in vocals.

While searching for a vocalist, Don had come across an ad on a music classified website placed by a female singer. Ann Burstyn comes into the picture but not only is she in the picture but it soon becomes known that she's the daughter of  two musicians who played for the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.
Ann said she became obsessed with music at a very early age and that's perfectly understandable.

With the back ground that Ann was born into, it was no surprise that she would follow a musicians path, where ever it would lead. She had already worked in Opera and been involved with a number of bands. Ann had also supplied back ground vocals for artists such as Shania Twain and Phil Collins.

When they first auditioned each other, Don played four songs for her, she liked the music and thought that she would be able to contribute. Ann being confident of her talent, applied her own style, including changing lyrics, a pretty gutsy touch. Ann is also credited for coming up with the bands name that she put together from Dreamy and operatic, that had come to mind when thinking of the music, and so "Dream Aria" was born.

With everything in place the next step became to put out a full album.
To fill the band Jozef Pilasanovic was brought in, his duties included guitar, bass and vocals. In 2005, "In The Wake" was released. and their first gig was played in December of that year at the Emergenza Festival.

2006 rolled around and Jozef was out and Steve Agelakos was brought in as the new guitarist.

Dream Aria describes their music as having Operatic qualities with a touch of Techno, but mixing it all up and delivering Rock.

New CD "TRANSCEND" Track by track

01) The Rhythm of Now: Very rhythmic, supplied with Hard Rock and established vocals with a splash of Techno that blends in oh so well.

02) Labyrinth: Fast paced drums along with guitars playing limited chords begin this second track. Seems to have a Punk influence and with the musicians of Dream Aria being so versatile, they switch to a more melodic stage introducing a short guitar solo, then another void and into the Punk mixed with Goth with a sharp renaissance sound.

03) Transcend: Orchestra leads into a Gypsy Trance and leveling off to an Orchestra like overture but not for long, a waiting is the Goth mystique that gives passage to a Metal edge compilation, all this with vocals that can switch to what ever genre of music that presents it self.

04) Serpent Nile: Trance music mixed with a melodic background and with very true vocals gliding to the very Renaissance/Trance sound, having the lead guitar give off the sweet sound of Hard Rock or border line Metal.

05) Pandora's Prelude: A fairy tale beginning, (with what I describe as a "Yngwie Malmsteen" like overture) and then fading into the Renaissance with vocals that carry so much magic and yes the Goth is mixed in the instruments.

06) Pandora's Box: Definite Renaissance with a sweet sounding acoustic guitar giving it that Renaissance setting and fading to an explosive Metal break out.
The vocals sounding more Goth/Trance and leading back to la-la land.

07) Rebbecca: A Goth approach with a dabble of Techno at the beginning,
entering the melody portion, then giving way to a harder sound but only for a short while The melodic end of this piece of music is dominate.

08) Tigress: Begins with an awareness sound, then the melody gives passage to a Hard Rock Renaissance, leading to musical pieces that are woven together perfectly.

09) The Secret: Techno dance entering a soft Rock state of mind, with the melody that eventually goes to a Hard Rock phase and tapering off
to an Orchestra atmosphere balancing it back to a softer impression.

10) Compassion: A dreaming state of mind opens this particular track with Prog like Rock. The instruments blend one with another and supporting a very intriguing mix of Melodic Rock that has the captivating vocals that enlighten the blend of this music piece being performed.

11) Flower Duet: The last track on "Transcend" has quite the opening, as if one is about to enter "Camelot"on a fine Spring Evening,
that makes an individual feel like they are untouchable as you listen to the Angels in the back ground. A fine piercing guitar breaks through with the drums being so  bold that the pounding of the skins give off inspirational vibes, in the Spring evening breeze that  the Angels are supplying a beautiful piece of Fantasia.

 My overall take.

Dream Aria musicians perform tremendous pieces of music. Track after track the delivering of the music is mesmerizing and captivating in the way they go from Hard Rock to Metal to Renaissance to Goth. To play the style of music that they perform, has to enter origins of Goth and Occult. This is why the music is achieved to perfection in the Rock music that becomes the final product.
I did dissect one other piece of music, "Fallen Angel" but I'm not going to share, I will say that it's a very well timed distinctive arrangement and that comes as no surprise. These are very talented musicians who can change the genre of
music at any given time, and that puts this band in a very unique category.

By Emidio "Rocker" Vaz