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Aetherfallen (eh-th-er/ fallen) is a musical entity encompassing both symphonic metal and new age genres as well as an audio-visual story with regards to the end of the world. The definition of the fictitious word, simply put is, “fallen of ether.” This, in relation to the plot of the story, addresses a being specifically chosen by the gods or chooses for them self to prophesize, bear witness, and/or take part in what is said to be "the end of the world.” All the music plays a conceptual part in some way to the story, whether it’s being a mood setter or changer in the form of an instrumental, or lyrics that directly correlate to a character’s dialogue in a portion of the story. The main element that sets this musical storytelling apart from other conceptual artworks, is the hope that all the songs have a dual meaning. One for the story taking place within the music, and one that  listeners can relate to in everyday life.                                                                                              

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Aetherfallen began 2009 in Denver, Co. For 7 years prior to the start of the project, It’s main composer, Hailen George was well known in the local music scene due to being in various metal bands of different styles ranging from nu-metal to death metal to today’s new found popular trend known as Djent. Although he was passionate about all the projects and the scene he was a part of, he felt that it was not his calling.

In 2008,  Hailen stepped away  from all that he knew for most of his musical career, as he felt he was not moving forward.. By this time, Hailen had been playing guitar for 8 years, and bass for 9 years. In his search for answers he turned to a long time inspiration, and good friend Niko Van Steenhoven, vocalist/composer of the band named Envinity. In a heartfelt discussion on the matter, Niko advised, “do what you feel, not what is popular!”, as Niko had always known of Hailen’s “quest to be a star” so to speak. Hailen took his words to heart, and looked at what he had been doing for the past 6 years and made a decision to do what  he felt, was music. At this point he was listening to and influenced by more European bands such as Mercenary, Circus Maximus,  Evergrey,  Opeth, Lacuna Coil, and American bands such as Evanescence,
30 Seconds to Mars, Brian “Head” Welch, and Red. In 1 year he was taken in writing songs, reading recording books and magazines, as well as saving money to purchase components for a home studio so that he could not only compose, but perform and engineer the sound he wished for. Mid 2009 had arrived, and he did not only create songs, but a story to go along with the sound. It was then that the name Aetherfallen was adorned for the project. It was a name that Hailen had made up for a previous project in which the members of, did not like. This was absolutely fated though, as the name fit the theme of this project greatly.

He began recording his own material and sending it to different engineers that he knew of for advice on the quality of the sound. November 2011, was the first introduction of the project to the masses. and it received great responses from listeners. The sound has been described as “film score/ cinematic metal” and a “sad, yet hopeful, representation of our world today”, 
A Review by Emidio"Rocker"Vaz

Aetherfallen is made up of a very talented musician, who sees things differently than others, for example, where the Universe is at the present time and where it may be heading and why. So Hailen George, who is a Prophet of this style of music created Aetherfallen in 2008. Melodic and Symphonic Metal that has one listening and trying to visualize what could be Armageddon, through the music being performed. Hailen is simply getting his theory together and putting it into lyrics.

Hailen George, who is a "Michael Oldfield Tubular Bells" of the 21st century, brings what seems to be darkness and at the same time sheds light into the music. This blend of Symphonic Metal is for thinking and visualizing.
The way Hailen George combines the instruments and blends them for each individual track, is Orchestra like overtures, a flow of Metal overtures, that bring out powerful lyrics like the lyrics in "Momentous" "Life will not strain, life will now fade, from all the hatred inside to feel alive it's now to know the truth,that I will never deny."

The playing of the instruments that go hand in hand with the lyrics, has Hailen George being thought of as a prophet of Melodic/Symphonic Metal.
This is definently a musician that were going to hear more from in the very near future.

With the way Hailen performs every track and the choosing of the instrumens he plays, one cant help but think that there's continuation to each and every track.
The way the music builds and then slowly fades, just to bring it in more climatic than before, makes one appreciate the music being performed.

By Emidio"Rocker"Vaz